Private Investigators helping with Stalking and Harrasment.


At Metropolitan Investigations our private investigators have effectively dealt with a large number of stalking and harassment cases over the last 25 years Stalking and harassment is behaviour that is repeated and unwanted by the victim. The behaviours may seem normal and ordinary, however, when they are repeated they can be menacing and cause alarm and distress to the victim.


Behaviours include:
- Frequent unwanted contact such as appearing at the victim’s home, workplace, telephone calls, text messages, letters, notes, e-mails, faxes, or other contact on social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo, My Space etc;
- Driving past the victim’s home or workplace;
- Following, watching or loitering near the victim;
- Sending letters or unwanted ‘gifts’ (‘gifts may appear ‘nice’ but could have a sinister meaning);
- Damaging significant property belonging to the victim;
- Burglary or robbery of the victim’s home, workplace, car;
- Gathering information on the victim by contacting people who know the victim, using public records etc;
- Harassment of others close to the victim;
- Threats to harm or kill (includes sexual threats) the victim or those close, particularly those who are seen to be ‘protecting the victim’ or acting as the buffer between the victim and the stalker;
- Physical and/or sexual assault of victim.


Other facts
• The popular image of a stalker is that of the stranger in the night, something that is suddenly visited on you by some madman. However, most female victims KNOW their stalker.
• Research has found that ex-intimate stalkers were the most aggressive and dangerous of all stalkers.
• Being stalked carries a high violence risk if there is a previous sexual/intimate relationship.
• It is not always about long-term relationships. Stalkers include estranged husbands, ex-boyfriends, a one-time date or an unwanted suitor.
• The end of a ‘relationship’ can produce some very powerful emotions, feelings of loss, anger or rage. Some people will not want the ‘relationship’ to end. However, you need to feel concerned when the behaviour frightens you or instils fear.
• Stalking is a crime of power, control and intimidation.
• The stalker enforces the belief that the victim cannot choose who is in their lives – this is a very dangerous belief.


What does the term ‘stalking’ mean?
• Stalking is not a legal term used in the context of the criminal justice system. It is a colloquial term used in to describe a particular type of harassment.


Types of stalking and motivation
• There are mainly two types of stalking: unwanted pursuit by a ‘stranger’ and unwanted pursuit by someone the victim knows.
• The media tends to report on stalking and the stalker as if it were are some sort of special crime or that they are a special type of criminal. However, those who choose regular people as their victims are not. They are NOT from Mars – they are the man our sister dated, the man the company hired, the man our friend married.
• Motivations for the stalking behaviour can be different. These can include revenge, retribution, resentment, a response to a perceived humiliation, a desire for control, reconciliation and/or loneliness. In some cases the motivation will be the delusional belief that an individual is in love with the stalker. This is called erotomania. In some cases the harassment may relate to the obsessive preoccupation with a particular cause of issues that may be politically motivated.
• The motivation will inform the level of risk the victim is at in terms of risk of harm from the stalker.
• The motivation will also inform the typology of stalking, as well as what intervention tactics that might be effective in any given case. The context and behaviour of the stalker is crucial to understanding this.

Our Private Investigators can help you identify the stalker if they are unknown to you and provide various levels of security, our executive protection capabilities can provide you with trained agents if the threat is serious enough to warrant such action.

Our Private Investigators can help you collate the evidence you require for a successful prosecution and assist you in making your life a safer one, with residential and workplace security reviews helping you to identify how you can increase your security.

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